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The Kitchen Sink of your dreams

July 10, 2016

custom copper kitchen sink undermount

At Havens Metal, we pride our brand on innovative design and staying outside of the box. In a competitive industry it is all too commonplace for a company to fall victim to cutting corners, using cheaper material, and hiring less experienced workers in order to turn a greater profit. As a leader in the industry, we refuse to adapt the ways of the common, and instead Havens makes it's own path.

We realize what goes into designing a kitchen these's no easy task. At the center of every kitchen project is a vision. Within every vision our customers bring to us, are expectations for luxury, efficiency, and value. With these traits in mind, Havens Metal brings fourth the ability for our customers to be able to design a sink that is tailor made to their exact needs. Whether you need a custom copper kitchen sink, or a stainless steel bar sink, Havens is right for the task. With over 3 decades of experience in design and fabrication, our capabilities have reached new heights, allowing us to push the bar higher every year in custom design and innovation.

As the demand has increased for metal products in high end homes and commercial buildings, we have had to maintain a level of adaptability for our customers and clients. With this in mind, we strive to never turn down a custom project, allowing our customers to design the kitchen sink or range hood of their dreams. 

If you have a custom project that you want built, Havens Metal is perfect for the job. Start by visualizing what you want done...and if you already there, then give us a call! Custom projects are always encouraged, no matter how big or small. If you have some questions or need some help with your design, our team of experienced professionals are here to help you succeed in crafting your vision.

For more information regarding custom projects you can visit this link: Information on Custom Projects

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