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Does the gauge of the copper really matter?
Absolutely. A thinner gauge of copper often seen on imported sinks can easily warp, deteriorate, or even separate over time. Replacing a copper sink that went bad can be quite a project. Our sinks will never need to be replaced, as they are American made of the highest quality 14 gauge copper available.
We stand behind our craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty on every purchase.

Are copper sinks difficult to care and maintain? Not ours. The copper sinks we build are virtually maintenance free, as one of the natural benefits of copper is the ability to self-heal and recondition itself. Over time, our copper sinks develop a beautiful rustic patina consisting of deep oranges and rich browns.
Learn how we clean our copper sinks with just a soapy sponge.

What does it mean to have an antimicrobial copper sink? Perhaps the single greatest advantage of having a high quality copper sink is the metal's ability to eliminate bacteria directly on the surface. As a living metal, copper is known to exhibit health benefits for users who enjoy prepping on our around the kitchen sink.
Learn more here: Antimicrobial Copper.

Explore our online showroom of stock size copper and stainless steel undermount sinks »

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Alternative to our selection of standard size copper and stainless steel sinks, we offer custom designs with virtually no boundaries.
As metal fabricators with experience in the industry since 84', we're capable of anything from residential to large scale commercial projects.
Work with our designers to create your dream sink, tailored to your personal preferences. Start here with our guide on available options for your custom copper sink: 

Custom Copper Sinks: Undermount & Topmount»

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 Bring modern luxury to your home's kitchen with a beautiful 16 gauge Stainless Steel sink, USA built to last a lifetime. 
Choose from undermount and topmount designs, customize drain placement, and select your favorite of our 5 prestigious stainless finish options.
Check out our comprehensive guide on stainless steel sinks, where we lay out our full selection of custom fabrication options. 

Custom Stainless Steel Sinks: Undermount & Topmount»

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Evoke your kitchen's focal point: Luxurious Copper and Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sinks »

Available on all of our copper farmhouse sinks is the option to have a custom artwork patina applied to the apron portion.

Custom artwork is a beautiful addition to our copper sinks, as it turns the fixture into a one of a kind masterpiece, unlike anything you'll see in any everyday kitchen.

We have a beautiful custom selection of artwork designs, available for your viewing here: copper sink patina artwork portfolio. 

Copper & Stainless Steel Range Hoods for the Kitchen »

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