Bowl & Double Container Board


Bowl & Double Container Serving Board

One of our signature favorites for any Havens sink with a built-in ledge, the bowl and double container board is an ideal approach to prepping and serving in the kitchen. This board is completely custom, and is exclusively cut to the specifications for the 1/2" ledge available on any Havens sink. The board is available in 3 luxurious finishes, including light or amber bamboo and also a high quality poly-carbonate.

This accessory includes 2 acrylic containers and stainless mixing bowl which integrate perfectly into the slots. The containers can be capped with the included lids, or be removed completely to store in the fridge. This board comes highly recommended for any Havens sink with a ledge, as it is very convenient to use for any time you would like to entertain guests or prepare without a mess on your countertops.

Custom Made In the USA from High Quality 3/4" Thick Bamboo or Poly-Carbonate

Stain resistant bamboo & poly-carbonate | No bending, chipping, or cracking | Eco friendly & easy on knives | USA Made Purchasing a Havens accessory guarantees easy cleaning and advanced ergonomics for your kitchen sink.
Bowl and Double Container Serving Board Features: Application: Easy slides along the built-in ledge of Havens sinks. | Style: 2 slot and bowl serving board Includes: 2 acrylic containers with lids, stainless steel mixing bowl (dishwasher safe) | Finishes: Light Bamboo, Amber Bamboo, Poly-white

Havens Lifetime Warranty Included

    About Havens Accessories

    The revolutionary line of Havens accessories takes ergonomics to the forefront of your kitchen, advancing the capabilities of what you can do with your kitchen sink. When you select a built-in ledge for your Havens sink, that opens a vast range of opportunities for prepping, entertaining, cooking, and cleaning. The kitchen sink has the ability to be so much more than just a wash basin, it's truly a key component in everything kitchen related.
    Not only do these accessories keep the mess off of your countertops, they actually increase productivity. Eliminating trips from the counter to sink, to trash, to fridge saves copious amounts of time. Advance your kitchen with an all in one solution, giving you and your sink the power to perform at a higher level.

    Effortless Maintenance Guaranteed

    Apply soap or any household detergent to a wet paper towel or sponge.

    1. Wipe down the cutting board with the soapy applicator to remove any residue and food particles.
    2. Rinse away the excess scrub and soap with running water.
    3. Allow the board to air dry or pat dry with a dish cloth.

    For a printable PDF click here: Care and Maintenance Guide

    Havens Lifetime Warranty Included

    Havens Metal has a lifetime warranty on all products. The Havens lifetime warranty states that our products shall be free from defects in workmanship or materials under the condition that use and care does not exceed normal use. All dimensions are guaranteed under our warranty to not vary more than 1/32 of an inch. In no situation shall Havens Metal be liable for any damage caused to the product during or after installation.

    In a situation where the warranty is to be exercised by the customer, a warranty request must be submitted. Upon approval of a warranty request, the sole responsibility of Havens Metal is exchange or repair of a defective product.

    For a printable PDF click here: Havens Lifetime Warranty

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