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Behind The Metal - Inside The Havens Shop

Welcome to the Havens Metal warehouse, a 12,000 Square Foot full service sheet metal manufacturing facility in beautiful Orlando, FL.
Take a behind the scenes look into our day to day operations, showcasing some of our most prestigious projects, and the smiling faces of the Havens Team.

Havens Metal works orlando fl shop

 Handcrafted fabrication on a custom stainless steel range hood with copper strapping. This hood was satin black powder coated, resulting in a visual masterpiece.
Adding the final touches to a magnificent custom range hood. American made craftsmanship at it's finest!
10 Custom Heritage Sinks with a Brushed Stainless finish and centered drains for high rise units in San Francisco. This amazing feat was accomplished in 1 short week!
Preparing the above 10 Heritage sinks for shipment across the Country to California!One of our most popular accessories, the solid copper drop in strainers going through our premium manufacturing process where no detail is overlooked.
Verde green patina on a custom copper range hood. This finish was achieved with buttermilk and lots (and lots) of sunlight! This fixture spent nearly a week sunbathing.Two custom stainless steel sinks ready for finishing. The one on the left has a woodgrain apron front with a luxe hammered interior, on the right is a smooth Luxe. 

A beautiful custom double drainboard copper sink which will install as a drop in top mount. These photos were taken right after welding, and just before  finishing.Custom brass range hood built to perfection and ready for shipment. This oil-rubbed brass finish is perfect for accenting other luxurious features in the kitchen.Applying our signature touches on a copper vanity for the bath which includes an integrated sink. These photos were taken right after finishing the copper and before our weathering process. The Havens craftsman is lightly applying the weathering to the inside seams of the bowl, the first step of the process.
An interesting build, this custom stainless steel sink features a dual-tier ledge set up. The flange of the sink will be left exposed to create the upper tier ledge for advanced ergonomic function. The accessories can be rotated 90 degrees for use on either ledge, a highly advanced feature for food prep and easy dishwashing.Custom copper hood photographed prior to finishing which will smooth out the edges and present a consistent smooth finish for the Havens signature weathering.
Preparing a  Legacy copper sink for shipment and pick up by UPS. Each sink is carefully packaged inside our heavy duty wooden crates, ensuring safe delivery.Custom copper bird house becoming assembled with slats on the roof. Each of the slats will be weathered with a dark copper patina finish for a rustic look.Attaching the custom copper slat roofing on a beautiful wooden bird house. Each of these panels were weathered naturally for a dark rustic patina look. 
Preparing two magnificent custom copper trough sinks for shipment. The triple drain locations are perfect for the client's high end restaurant application.

Preparing and loading heavy duty wooden crates into the UPS truck for a safe and timely delivery to Havens customers in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boca Raton.
Carefully packaged inside a heavy duty wooden crate, the custom copper trough sink is placed perfectly in between high density packing foam and wooden struts.
Moving a few custom sinks through our premium manufacturing process. These sinks are ready to be finished by hand which results in a ultra smooth appearance.Another day in the Havens shop with a few custom stainless products. The boxes (left) have enclosing doors and the stainless strips on the right are ready for pickup.

Copper sink drop in strainers for Havens Legacy sinkHand finishing a hammered copper farmhouse kitchen sink
Preparing several drop in strainers for our advanced finishing process which is done completely by hand, shown on the right over a hammered farmhouse sink.Custom copper range hood fabricationCustom copper range hood fabricationThis beautiful bell shaped custom copper hood is finished being welded and will move into our finishing process with hand sanders where no detail is overlooked.
Smooth copper hood custom fabricationShowcasing further detail on this custom copper hood for a local home here in the Central Florida area.Custom stainless steel fire pit holderCopper and stainless steel sink packaging and shipping USAShown on the left is a custom fire pit coal holder made from 16 gauge stainless steel. On the right, we're prepping a beautiful copper sink for shipment.Copper sink weathering patina work with sea spongesCustom copper range hood and hammered copper sink combination