Advanced Workstation Kitchen Sinks

The ultimate tool for your home's kitchen, Havens offers World Class single and dual-tier workstation sinks. The functionality, level of customization, and superior quality of a Havens workstation is second to none, and results in the most highly advanced kitchen sinks in the World. Available in copper and stainless steel, the workstation sink enhances the user experience, keeps the mess off the countertops, and is a true visual statement piece in the kitchen space. The ways to use a Havens sink is seemingly endless, as they are built to prep, entertain, and last for life. Advance your culinary experience with a sink that is intentionally designed, down to the finest details.

Copper stainless workstation sinks Galley

The workstation sink is a revolutionary step for users to enjoy the benefit of an integrated professional culinary experience, in the comfort of their own home.
Through advanced customization, Havens provides homeowners a personalized feature, handcrafted in the USA from the highest quality copper or stainless available.

A Luxury Line of Ergonomic Accessories for Every Havens Workstation Sink


A Highly Advanced, Personalized Culinary Workstation

A complete line of accessories is included with your Culinary Workstation package from Havens. Use the accessories interchangeably for the ultimate experience, as they are intentionally designed to productively compliment each other in prepping and serving. Select from various finishes and materials for each of the Havens accessories.

In 1999, Havens Metal began fabricating residential sinks with a vision to greatly improve the functionality and visual appeal of the kitchen's most used feature: the kitchen sink. The workstation sink was engineered with one simple goal in mind, improve the user experience with a tool that is both revolutionary and beneficial to all tasks in the kitchen. 

The greatest benefit of a Havens workstation sink is the versatility. Everything from food prep, guest serving, to clean up, are made easier with the use of this tool. The ability to prepare food directly over your sink eliminates the mess from the countertops, cuts down on time spent cleaning up, and ultimately provides an all in one package for the entire culinary experience - for each and every meal.

Which Is Best - Single Ledge or Dual-Tier?

Selecting the right workstation sink for your kitchen will depend upon several factors: available space, cabinetry, appliances, placement in the space, apron front, etc.

Single Ledge Sinks  feature a built-in half inch ledge at a 1 inch drop below the countertop. This creates a perfectly seamless integration with the cutting board and drying rack accessories. The single ledge sink is recommended for sinks 36 inches and smaller. It's not uncommon to do a single ledge on a bigger sink, it's just our professional recommendation to select a dual-tier sink if your space allows for it, maximizing the functionality of the workstation tool.

Dual-Tier Sinks are the most highly functional and advanced workstations of today's kitchen. Used by professional chefs and homeowners who enjoy the culinary experience, the functionality of utilizing two ledges opens up the possibilities of what you can do at the sink ten fold. The design of the dual-tier sink is the same as the single ledge sink (half inch ledge at a one inch drop), with one exception: the undermount flange is extended a half inch on the front and rear wall. If you are facing the sink, imagine the countertop revealing a half inch of the flange so that a top tier ledge is created. The support, cleaning, and durability isn't compromised, and the sink will have gained an entire second ledge - making it a dual-tier culinary workstation.

In order to make the best selection for your kitchen, we recommend speaking with a member of the Havens Team - experts in kitchen & interior design.








Select From Premium Finishes For Your Culinary Accessories 

Amber Bamboo - The dark bamboo finish is a beautiful amber shade of brown, perfectly complimentary to any Havens sink and other features in your home's kitchen. The dark contrast of the Amber bamboo accessories are exceptional for a toned and very modern look on your workstation package. 

Light Bamboo - This finish is easy on the eyes, and is a smooth contrast of light tones in a very natural looking bamboo finish. The light bamboo finish is paired perfectly with any Havens copper or stainless sink, and makes for a beautiful visual addition to the sink. 

Poly-Carbonate - The poly carbonate boards are available in a select number of different finishes, including white, off white, beige, and darker tones as well. The poly-carbonate board is both antimicrobial and dish-washer safe, making it an excellent addition to your culinary workstation by Havens. We stock the poly-carbonate boards in white and off-white, however different colors are available upon request. 

  Select The Right Culinary Workstation Package For Your Home's Kitchen

Havens offers an advanced level of customization on each and every workstation sink package, tailor-made to the needs and likes of your household.
Select and customize from our pre-arranged packages below, or speak with the Havens team for advice on which is best for your home's kitchen.  

 The Home Chef Culinary Package (Single Ledge)

Ideal for those who enjoy cooking on a regular basis, the Home Chef package is perfect for any Havens single ledge sink. Equipping your sink with the right accessories is the difference made in easy prep, convenient cooking, and simple clean up. The Home Chef package includes a range of accessories for all tasks, advancing the kitchen sink experience for a chef of any skill level. Each of the metal accessories are matched to the finish of your workstation sink, and the Bamboo board's finish is per selection.

The Home Chef Package Includes: (1) Drop In Accessory - Bowl or Strainer, (1) Drying Rack, (1) Professional Cutting Board, (1) Sponge Caddy, (1) Mixing Bowl Board

Starting at $800 - Click Here To Customize Your Home Chef Package »

The Professional Chef Culinary Package (Single Ledge or Dual-Tier)

The Professional Chef package includes an exceptional range of accessories for every task in the kitchen imaginable: from easy to prep to lavish entertaining. The benefits of utilizing a single or dual-tier workstation sink start with the accessories. Each of these handcrafted items are revolutionary in design, and further advance the user experience ten fold. Used individually or simultaneously, each ergonomic accessory is intentionally designed to improve prep times, eliminate countertop messes, and entertain guests with convenient serving platters.  Each of the metal accessories are matched to the finish of your sink, and Bamboo board's finish is per selection.

The Professional Chef Package Includes: (1) Drop In Bowl, (1) Drop In Strainer, (1) Drying Rack, (2) Professional Cutting Board, (1) Sponge Caddy, (1) Mixing Bowl Board, (1) Serving Board - 3 container