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Investing in an American made custom copper sink can transcend your kitchen from an ordinary workspace to a beautiful and ergonomic experience.

Maximizing functionality and accentuating visual appeal, custom copper sinks are perfect for homeowners wanting to introduce a beautiful focal point to the kitchen.

Copper is a beautiful metal with many different characteristics that make it the perfect choice for your kitchen sink:

1. The structural integrity of a Havens Metal copper sink is second to none.
We craft with the highest grade materials, resulting in a product that is far superior to imported copper sinks.

2. Copper holds antimicrobial properties, eliminating bacteria directly on the surface of your sink!
This aspect is very beneficial for homeowners who enjoy prepping food over the kitchen sink

3. The beauty of copper is that it will naturally patina and recondition itself with time. We never apply lacquer or a clear coat to the basin of our copper sinks as that negates any natural benefits copper has. Over time, the copper develops a self-healing patina which will give it rustic shades of deep browns and oranges.

4. We don't make your average home goods store copper sinks. Our copper sinks require minimal maintenance, something you will not find with a cheaply made import that typically has a coated or lacquered finish. We build our sinks out of high quality American copper, which allows the natural finish to basically care for itself. Copper is a beautiful metal that restores itself, and can easily be cleaned with a sponge and warm water.

With over 3 decades of experience in building copper sinks, we have a wide range of options available for any set of circumstances in your kitchen. From traditional farmhouse sinks to industrial hospital sinks, Havens Metal has been building the best custom copper and stainless sinks in the USA since '99. On a side note, we actually opened shop in 1984, but it wasn't until '99 when we built our first copper farmhouse sink.

Below you will see a guide on our available options for custom copper sinks.
Please use this page as a resource when conceptualizing your custom copper sink design. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to chat, email or call us.
If you have an idea of what you want done, you can request a quote using the form at the bottom of this page.
Each number in this guide correlates to the numbers on the quote form.


1. Installation Types:

Undermount Custom Copper Sinks
undermount custom copper sinks

Undermount custom copper sinks are exceptional workstations, designed for cutting down on clean up and prep times.

This style of sink installs beneath the countertop, making it a virtually seamless integration to your kitchen space. 

The countertops overlay flush with all corners of the sink, giving it beautiful aesthetic appeal.

Alternative to undermount, we also offer:

Topmount Custom Copper Sinks

We offer custom copper topmount sinks, ideal for implementing a new sink to a already existing countertop or cabinetry situation.
Topmount designs include a self-rimming flange (usually 1" wide), and can easily accommodate to a very wide range of installation circumstances.
This style of sink installs to rest on top of your countertops with a relatively thin profile, making them an ideal alternative to cutting granite or cabinetry.

top mount custom copper sink 

2. Number of basins
custom copper sink double bowl

Single bowl sinks are perfect for keeping things simple and maximizing wash space for large pots and pans. 

Double bowl sinks are a great solution for users who want two basins for simultaneous use. 

Triple bowl sinks are the ultimate workstations for users who prefer advanced efficiency and maximum capability.


3. Shape of the Sink 
custom copper sink usa

The shape of your custom copper sink's bowl can be one of two options: rectangular or irregularly shaped.

The rectangular copper sink: a timeless classic. More than 3/4 of the custom sinks we produce every year are rectangular, with square corners. 

Many clients over the years have come to us with the common misconception that square corners aren't very easy to maintain in a copper kitchen sink.

That is untrue for our high quality copper sinks. We've asked these customers to trust our word when say our sinks are very easy to care and maintain, as the copper reconditions itself and develops a beautiful patina. To this day, after having built thousands of copper sinks, we have never had a customer regret their square corners.

Alternatively, we offer irregularly shaped bowl designs.
Although this style is a more expensive option, these types of custom sinks have become increasingly popular among clients who prefer radius corners and can be fabricated at an additional cost. (Additional welding is required to attach the bottom portion of the sink, thus resulting in a higher cost).


4. Farmhouse Apron front options
custom farmhouse sink

Custom Apron Front Artwork for your copper farmhouse sink

If you've decided on a custom copper sink with an apron front, we offer beautiful customized patina artwork for an additional cost in the range of $300-600.

Every sink with custom apron artwork is handcrafted by our highly skilled patina artist, and ultimately results in a truly unique, one of one masterpiece.

copper farm farmhouse sinksstainless steel farmhouse sinkcopper farm sinkapron farm sink

5. Built in ledge for sliding interchangeable sink accessories
built in ledge custom sink

The kitchen sink, reimagined as a highly versatile ergonomic workstation.
Developed as the ultimate solution for optimizing time spent prepping, washing, and entertaining. 

This option features a ledge integrated into the sink's basin for advanced, personalized functionality.
Prepare and entertain like never before with a sink that meets all of your needs.

The highly versatile ledge built into the sink's interior allows for a sliding cutting board, sponge caddy, and grid drain functionality.
Prepare your favorite dishes without the mess. Clean up is made easy by centralizing your prep area in one easy to clean location: your kitchen sink.

Can we assist you with a custom copper sink quote for your project?

If you've made it here to the end of our comprehensive guide on custom copper sinks, you might have somewhat of an idea of what you are looking for. Below you will find a custom copper sink quote request form. If you take a few minutes to fill out the form we will promptly follow up with your quote, by phone or email.

We look forward to working with you on your custom copper kitchen sink!

The Havens Metal team is here to discuss your concept, help prevent potential issues, and ultimately assist in the build of your lifelong investment. 

At Havens, we pride our brand on a personalized level of service for homeowner's facing any set of challenges in the kitchen & bath renovation process.

Every sink we build is protected under our Lifetime Warranty, a testament to our industry leading standards for premium quality. 

All of our copper sinks are fabricated from 14 gauge American 48oz copper with 99.9% purity. The reasons we use this type of copper on our sinks is because it is without a doubt most durable and sustainable metal material you can build a copper sink from. Durability and longevity are the cornerstones of our craft, which is why every sink we sell includes our lifetime warranty.

If you have some questions or need some help with your design, our team of experienced professionals are here to help you succeed in creating your dream sink.

Havens Metal: (407)-456-8698

 We do not stock custom copper sink designs, as they are made to order. Any of the designs shown can be customized to your specific needs simply by filling out a quote or request or giving us a call. We thank you for your interested in our brand.

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