Custom Stainless Steel Sinks: Undermount & Topmount

custom stainless steel sink

Custom stainless steel sinks have the ability to advance the user experience by combining advanced efficiency and personalized luxury.

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We have undermount, topmount and vessel options available for clients seeking high end, American made custom stainless steel sinks.

Aimed at maximizing functionality and accentuating visual appeal, our capabilities allow us to customize a sink that is tailor-made to the needs of your home.

At Havens Metal, we specialize in the advanced fabrication of American stainless steel sinks.
As stainless steel sheet metal fabricators of 3 decades, we've built custom metal sinks for a wide array of different uses.
Stainless steel sinks can be
crafted for a variety of different uses, including kitchens, wet bars, bath areas, laundry, and even commercial use.

Please use this guide as a resource when conceptualizing your custom stainless steel sink design.
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1. Installation Type:

Undermount Stainless Steel Sinks
custom stainless steel undermount sink

Our custom stainless steel undermount sinks are exceptional workstations, designed for cutting down on clean up and prep times.
Countertops overlay flush with all corners of the sink, giving it beautiful aesthetic appeal.
This style of sink installs beneath the countertop, making it a virtually seamless integration to your kitchen space. 

Alternative to undermount, we also offer:

Topmount Stainless Steel Sinks

custom topmount stainless sink

We offer custom stainless topmount sinks, ideal for implementing a new sink to a already existing countertop or cabinetry situation.
Topmount designs include a self-rimming flange (usually 1" wide), and can easily accommodate to a very wide range of installation circumstances.
This style of sink installs to rest on top of your countertops with a relatively thin profile, making them an ideal alternative to cutting granite or cabinetry.

 2. Number of basins in your Stainless Steel Sinkdouble bowl custom stainless steel sink

Single bowl sinks are perfect for keeping things simple and maximizing wash space for large pots and pans. 

Double bowl sinks are a great solution for users who want two basins for simultaneous use. 

Triple bowl sinks are the ultimate workstations for users who prefer advanced efficiency and maximum capability.

3. Shape of your Sink
custom stainless steel farmhouse sink usa

The shape of your custom stainless steel sink's bowl can be one of two options: rectangular or irregularly shaped.

The rectangular stainless sink: a timeless classic. More than 3/4 of the custom sinks we produce every year are rectangular, with square corners. 

Many clients over the years have come to us with the common misconception that square corners aren't very easy to maintain in a stainless kitchen sink.

That is untrue for our high quality stainless steel sinks. We've asked these customers to trust our word when say our sinks are very easy to care and maintain. To this day, after having built thousands of stainless steel sinks, we have never had a customer regret their square corners.

Alternatively, we offer irregularly shaped bowl designs.
Although this style is a more expensive option, these types of sinks have become increasingly popular among clients who prefer radius corners and can be fabricated at an additional cost. (Additional welding is required to attach the bottom portion of the sink, thus resulting in a higher cost).


4. Farmhouse Apron front sink option

stainless steel farm sink

5. Interior ledge for sliding interchangeable sink accessories

stainless steel custom sink
The kitchen sink, reimagined as a highly versatile ergonomic workstation.
Developed as the ultimate solution for optimizing time spent prepping, washing, and entertaining. 

A highly versatile ledge built into the sink's interior allows for a sliding cutting board, sponge caddy, and grid drain functionality.
Prepare your favorite dishes without the mess. Clean up is made easy by centralizing your prep area in one easy to clean location: your kitchen sink.

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We look forward to working with you on your custom stainless steel kitchen sink! The Havens Metal team is here to discuss your concept, help prevent potential issues, and ultimately assist in the build of your lifelong investment. 

At Havens, we pride our brand on a personalized level of service for homeowner's facing any set of challenges in the kitchen & bath renovation process. Havens Metal is dedicated to helping you make an informed decision on your lifelong investment.

Every sink we build is protected under our Lifetime Warranty, a testament to our industry leading standards for premium quality. 

If you have some questions or need some help with your design, our team of experienced professionals are here to help you succeed in crafting your vision.

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 We do not stock custom stainless steel sink designs, as they are made to order. Any of the designs shown can be customized to your specific needs, simply contact us!

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