Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from Havens Metal?

With any remodel, the checklist can be daunting. The metal products we manufacture are high end, which is why we strive to provide peace of mind when you choose Havens. Our vision is to deliver the best in class quality on your purchase, from first contact to doorstep delivery.

Every purchase includes: Lifetime Warranty | Free USA Shipping | Price Match Guarantee | Installation consulting start to finish | Satisfaction or your money back

Havens Metal products are exclusively American made, built to last a lifetime.

Why should I pay more for a Havens Metal sink?

We often get asked this question, as the home metal products industry is littered with cheaply made imports with an appealing price tag.
Havens Metal focuses on quality over quantity, which is why we're the highest quality option on the market, not the cheapest.

Although some high-end imported competitors are priced close to ours, there are many different misconceptions to consider when buying:

  • Claims to make products in the USA, while building from recycled imported metals. 
  • Thinner gauge of metal used to cut costs, sacrificing longevity. 
  • Claim antimicrobial benefits of copper, when a lacquered finish is the top coat (negating all natural benefits of the copper).
  • Imported sinks often have disclaimers: "dimensions may vary up to..."
  • Wax or dry the sink after each use - biggest indication of low quality.


How long does shipping take?

Havens Metal ships products Worldwide, and shipping time will vary based on your location. All orders on stock sinks are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days of receiving your completed order. At this time, we ship all orders by UPS. Upon shipment, you will be sent a tracking number by email to receive updates and an expected delivery date. All shipments will require signature confirmation by the customer.

Delivery Approximations:

United States: 2-6 business days
Canada: 3-10 business days
South America: 2-3 weeks
Europe/Asia: 2-6 weeks
Australia: 3-8 weeks

Any custom order will require additional lead time, as custom projects are made to order. Our custom sinks and range hoods typically take about 1-2 weeks to manufacture and complete. Once manufacturing is complete, we notify you of the shipping date and when to expect your delivery. Please note that signature is required upon delivery.

How do I place an order?

Placing an order is made easy through the Havens Metal online store. After selecting the desired product(s) and adding to cart, simply proceed to checkout.
The checkout process begins with entering your contact and address information. After the contact fields are fully completed, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information and billing address.

Please note: At this time Havens Metal accepts all major credit cards and Paypal as a verified form of payment. All payment information is processed through a highly secure encrypted credit card processing service called Stripe (click for more information). Havens Metal never stores credit card information on our server. Once your payment is completed, you will be sent an email confirmation, complete with an invoice for your transaction. 

We require that international orders confirm payment by phone prior to payment processing. We will reject any order placed from outside of the USA if we have not spoken with you. Please contact us if you have any questions about placing an international order.

Where is Havens Metal located?

Havens Metal is located in the Central Florida Orlando area. We manufacture all products out of our 12,000 square foot warehouse, exclusively from American made metals. As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customers with a personal, advanced level of service.

With 3 decades of experience and a renowned presence in the Orlando area, we have a vast network of past customers, and clients. If you're on the fence about investing in a Havens sink, simply ask us for references from our past customers to see how they like their sink.

Havens Metal is the premier USA Copper and Stainless Steel sink manufacturer for your home; An innovative online platform for you to choose and customize luxurious home metal products, backed by four generations of perfecting the craft, innovating designs, and mastering the art of custom sheet metal.
To read the Havens story, click here: About Havens Metal

If I would like a custom project, can Havens Metal build it? 

Absolutely. Our design team can make your vision become a reality with a wide variety of options available on all of our metal furnishings. If you need something completely custom that isn't seen on our site, we can do that too. Please keep in mind that custom builds require longer lead times than our stock sinks.

For all inquiries regarding customization please contact us:

  • - All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours

  • Call us at 407-456-8698 to speak with one of our experienced kitchen and bath designers

Can I have a patina finish applied to my metal product?

Definitely. We offer an array of different patinas and finishes to give each of our products a unique look, resulting in a true work of art. Our most popular finishes can be applied to your purchase on the product page. If you are looking for a custom finish, we can do that too - simply contact our design team.

How do I care and maintain a Havens Metal product?

Caring for your purchase from Havens Metal is as easy as it gets. All of our metal is virgin, never recycled, guaranteeing the highest level of purity and quality. Because all of our metal is non-recycled and purest in it's form, waxing and drying the finish is completely unnecessary as many of our competitor's products require. To maintain a Havens Metal product, simply use dish soap to wipe down the surface and water to rinse it off. This basic cleaning will keep the product in showroom condition, as our products are very easy to maintain.

For the full care and maintenance guide see: Care and Maintenance Guide

Is there a warranty on my purchase with Havens Metal?

Your purchase with Havens Metal is covered under our lifetime warranty. We guarantee the manufacturing on all of our designs to meet the needs of our customers and clients worldwide. For additional warranty information, see our Lifetime Warranty Information

How long have you been making sinks?

We have been manufacturing sinks since 1999 in the same factory we started in located in Orlando, Florida. We've been in architectural sheet metal since 1984, it wasn't until 99' that we built our first residential copper sink.

What is the gauge and quality of copper you use?

We only use 14 gauge 48oz copper on our copper products to ensure the highest level of quality and durability. All of our copper is cold-rolled, melted and manufactured in the USA. We use non-recycled copper for the highest level of purity on our copper products. 

How can I determine the quality of copper?

The quality of a copper product can be determined by the gauge (thickness) of the metalIn all cases, the higher the gauge of copper, the thinner the metal is. When sinks are manufactured with a higher than 14 gauge of copper, the structural integrity of the sink is compromised and often times they are flimsy or easily bent out of shape. 

Havens sinks are manufactured with 14 gauge copper, the lowest gauge you can realistically build a sink out of. 

What is the maximum depth sink you can fabricate?

We can make a sink as deep as 10 inches, which is a custom order option. All of our stock sinks are 8 inches deep, which we have determined to be the most ergonomic design. 

Drain location on the sinks?

On almost all of our stocked sinks we have the drain located on the right, or sometimes the right rear corner of the sink. Designed for maximum efficiency, our drain placement is ideal for washing dishes and cleaning off plates. Generally, the dish washer uses their right hand to clean food off of a plate into the disposal. With ergonomics in mind, we place the drain to the right for the most convenient way to clean off and rinse dishes. If you prefer the drain to be located on the left side or in the center of the sink, we can do that for you for no extra charge - simply contact us before placing your order!