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Japanese Soaking Tubs: Traditional Luxury for the Bath

Copper Japanese soaking tub

The ultimate revitalization of comfort and relaxation, Japanese soaking tubs are a luxurious feature any homeowner's bath area.
Through traditional Asian culture, the tub for soaking known as "Ofuro", meaning "bath" in Japanese, has become widely popular among Western culture.
The Japanese soaking tub is the pinnacle of modern bathing comfort, available from Havens in American crafted copper and stainless steel.

Consider the possibility of a private oasis in the comfort of your home, a place to embrace tranquility and sooth the mind with a warm experience for the soul and body.
Capable of accenting the most luxurious features of your bath area, Havens' offers our asian tubs in a wide variety of styles including free standing and drop-in tubs. Traditional Japanese culture innovated the ecliptic style soaking tubs as a comfortable area to cleanse and submerge the body in hot steamy water. 
With this in mind, Havens offers clients complete customization over the architectural design, custom features, and decorative characteristics of the soaking tub.

Copper Japanese Soaking Tubs: Warm & Beautiful

Selecting copper for your soaking tub is a very excellent choice, as the metal holds antimicrobial and heat conductivity properties that best benefit taking long baths. Perhaps one of the marvels of copper is it's ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses directly on the surface of the metal. Copper is known as "living metal", giving it the ability to be ever-changing, enriching itself through the patina process.

Another great copper bathtub benefit, especially for a Japanese soaking tub, is the fact that the metal requires almost no cleaning or maintenance. It sounds strange doesn't it...not having to clean the bathtub...well copper is truly a miracle metal. A great thing about selecting copper for your bathtub is that you will never have to worry about soap scum and other common slimes that are usually seen in wet areas. The copper actually cleanses itself, and is always reconditioning to produce a brand new layer of patina on the very surface of the copper. 

If you desire to clean the copper soaking tub, simply use a spongey applicator and any basic household soap. Mildly scrubbing the surface of the copper and using warm water is the easiest way to keep the surface clean and beautiful. This is recommended to do once a month, depending on how often you use your tub. 

Copper finishes for soaking tubs

Heat conductivity is also a very unique property of copper. The ability for the metal to keep bath water at a warm level for an extended period of time is a very beneficial aspect of selecting copper for your Japanese soaking tub. Copper is the most conductive metal you can build a soaking tub out of, which is why we highly recommend it for soaking tubs. While copper is a very excellent choice for a soaking tub, we also offer stainless steel options.

Stainless Japanese Soaking Tubs: Modern & Luxurious

Stainless Steel Japanese Soaking Tub

The bath area is a place of serenity and tranquility, a safe haven to soak away and destress from the day. Many users prefer a stainless steel soaking tub, as they are aesthetically pleasing and extremely easy to maintain. Stainless steel is also a great choice for homeowners who choose to enjoy an outdoor soaking tub, since the metal holds up exceptionally to nature's elements. 

The stainless Japanese soaking tubs can be crafted in both freestanding and drop-in style, offered with custom features and personalized bench seats. Asian baths have influenced modern Western culture for decades, it's an honor to have revolutionized the soaking experience with luxurious American craftsmanship here at Havens. 

Japanese Soaking Tub Options & Custom Features

Japanese soak tubs

Selecting your metal and customized finish for your Japanese soaking tub is just the beginning of building your home's custom masterpiece. We offer a wide array of personalized features form jet location, seating arrangement, and even LED lighting options. If you can imagine it, Havens can create it. We always build to your exact specifications, guaranteeing you a perfected design for your new bath feature. 

  • Rectangular soaking tubs are among our most prestigious designs. Crisp, aesthetic lines and personalized bench seating allows for more spacious designs. We recommend going with a rectangular or square tub for homeowner's prefer to soak 2 or more at a time.
  • Elliptical soaking tubs are an excellent choice for single user tubs, both deep and shallow. The traditional Japanese soaking tubs are elliptical or circular, giving the user a perfect place to fully submerge the body up to the neck if desired. An ellipse bath tub can be custom made to allow for a flat or bowed top ledge.
  • Circular soaking tubs are a similar choice to elliptical, and a great choice for one person soakers. The circular baths can be customized to accommodate large or small spaces, and bench seating options are offered on these as well. Circular tubs can be fabricated in both concave or straight wall styles.

Havens would love to work with you on revolutionizing your bath area into a private oasis to soak comfortably without a worry in the world.
Japanese style soaking tubs are among the most luxurious and enticing features used in the bath area, and we're proud to craft them here in the USA.

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