Lifetime Transferrable Warranty on every Havens Metal product

Investing in your home is a decision that hasn't been taken lightly. After all the research, the sketches, the've finally decide on something that will hold it's value as an American made product, built to last a lifetime. Havens Metal is here to provide a luxurious array of custom metal fixtures, for your family's home. As much as you will be enjoying your new investment over the years, we want to provide you with a peace of mind that our products will exceed your expectations for quality. Sustainability, durability, and longevity are the building blocks of our American craftsmanship, which is why we cover ever product we sell with a lifetime warranty.

  • We've got you covered: a Lifetime Warranty is included on every Havens Metal product at no additional cost.
  • When you decide to move, the lifetime warranty stays with the sink, the next owner is covered as well!
  • Purchasing from Havens Metal ensures extreme durability and sustainable longevity on a product that is guaranteed to last for life. 
    At Havens, we focus our energy on an advanced level of service and quality, which ultimately results in a product that is superior to the import competitors'. 
    Unlike our competitors, we make every product we sell in the USA from non-recycled, domestic metals. Cutting costs by importing products is something we've never considered as a company.
    • Havens Metal provides American jobs by manufacturing exclusively in the USA, from American made metals.
    With over 4 decades of experience in the metal works industry, we've developed a lifetime guarantee for all of our customers: 
    A Havens Metal product is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations in terms of durability, appearance, functionality, and longevity. 

    If you purchase a product from Havens Metal and your expectations are not met, we will promptly: 
    1. Pay the cost of return shipping and arrange for immediate UPS pick-up.
    2. Refund you 100% of your purchase, or offer a satisfactory exchange to you immediately.

    Please note: A return must be initiated within 30 days of receiving the shipment.
    A return will be rejected or possibly subject to a restocking fee is the product has been installed.

    The Havens Metal Lifetime Warranty

    Havens Metal has a lifetime warranty on all of our products. The Havens Metal lifetime warranty states that our products shall be free from defects in workmanship or materials under the condition that use and care does not exceed normal use.
    Havens Metal's products are guaranteed to not exceed dimensions by more than 1/16 of an inch. In an event that a product is installed, Havens Metal will not be held liable for installation damages. Havens Metal recommends that you hire a professional to handle any installation. In an event that Havens Metal installs the product, we guarantee your satisfaction. Under no circumstance is Havens Metal liable for labor or install charges or any other expense associated with the installation of the product.
    In a situation where the warranty is to be exercised by the customer, a warranty request must be submitted. Upon approval of a warranty request, the sole responsibility of Havens Metal is exchange or repair of the defective product.
    With any questions on how to care and maintain a Havens Metal product, please refer to the Care and Maintenance guide.
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