Customize a Havens Sink For Your Home

Custom made sinks - USA handcrafted 14 gauge copper 16 gauge stainless Protection Status

Featured below is the first online tool of it's kind, a fully integrated software for customizing and selecting features for your custom made Havens sink.

As American craftsman of luxury metals since 1984, we exclusively offer the availability for our customers and clients to build a sink to any set of specifications.

Handcrafted Copper & Stainless Steel Sinks - Custom Made To Your Dimensions

The customizers seen below are fully capable of pricing your sink with selected dimensions, features, and installation options. This highly advanced online tool is plug and play, and allows for the full experience of designing and personalizing a copper or stainless steel sink to your preferences. We recommend the assistance of a Havens Team member when verifying your selections and placing an order, and we are here to assist you at any time. After your order is placed, we follow up to confirm your selections.

Simply chat with us using the green icon at the bottom left, or give us a call for immediate assistance.