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The Havens Kitchen & Bath Gallery

Explore the Havens gallery of installed projects for a glimpse into the beautiful homes of our customers and clients who have been generous enough to send in photos after completion of their project. As a company with vast experience and a strong foundation of loyal customers, we're very proud to display American craftsmanship in the many homes of our clientele all over the globe. Every project is different, which is why we offer advanced levels of customization on each and every fixture.

If you are considering selecting Havens for your home or commercial project, please feel free to ask us for similar photos of the style of sink, hood, or fixture you are interested in. We will always accommodate to give you the most accurate depiction of what to expect when you select the Havens Metal team for your project.  
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Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Smooth Copper

- Displaying a prominent copper farmhouse apron front, the Legacy sink is a highly versatile kitchen tool with tremendous beauty.

- A perfect compliment to the sink, copper accents are featured throughout, with copper cabinet pulls and overhead lighting.

- The Legacy sink is a luxurious addition to this modern home's kitchen, a perfected design through American craftsmanship. 

Undermount stainless steel kitchen sink with a textured finish - 16 gauge stainless steel.

Legacy Sink | Prestige Stainless

- Installed as an undermount, the Legacy sink is a revolutionary design aimed at efficiency and easy maintenance.

- Easy eliminating the mess from your countertops, the built-in ledge is aimed at advanced the user experience and capabilities of what a kitchen sink can do.

Hammered copper farmhouse sink, the Heritage model by Havens Metal. Handcrafted as one of the best copper sinks in the world form 14 gauge copper.

Heritage Farmhouse Sink | Hammered Copper

- The Heritage copper farmhouse sink is displayed beautifully in the Havens signature hand-hammered copper finish.

- Installed as an undermount sink, this Heritage sink beholds a prominent farmhouse apron front for an enticing allure in the kitchen.

- Easy to clean and antimicrobial, copper is truly one of the most intriguing and beneficial metals you can make a sink out of.
Double bowl stainless steel Legacy sink custom made in America by Havens Metal Works from 14 gauge pure copper.

Double-Bowl Sink | Brushed Stainless

- A customized version of the Havens Legacy sink, this double-bowl is an excellent display of functionality in the kitchen. 

- Through integration of accessories on top of the sink's built-in ledge, tasks are made easier with use of a sliding cutting board which also eliminates the mess on the countertops.

- The prominent farmhouse apron front beautifully displays this custom stainless steel sinks beautiful brushed finish with ease, a complimentary feature to the luxurious granite countertops.

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Hammered Copper

- Featuring a hand hammered finish across the entire copper sink, this beautiful farmhouse design is known for it's vivid details.

- With the prominent farm style apron front and right rear drain, this Havens sink is built to last for life and stand the test of time as a beautiful centerpiece. 

Stainless steel range hood installed in high end residential kitchen.

Kitchen Range Hood | Brushed Stainless

- An integral ventilation component and visually prominent fixture, this Havens custom range hood displays as a kitchen masterpiece in the brushed stainless steel finish.

- Custom cabinetry trim adds an aesthetically appealing look, very modern looking and complimentary towards the backsplash.

- A complete all-in-one package, this range hood includes a high powered ventilation system for an advanced process which clears the air within seconds.

Heritage Farmhouse Sink | Smooth Copper

- The smooth copper finish on this Heritage farmhouse sink is a beautiful compliment to the lightly toned countertops and semi-dark cabinetry.

- Not as unusual as some might think, the stainless steel faucet is a luxurious compliment to the kitchen, even with a copper sink below it!

- The subtle, yet rustic copper tones make this sink a very impressive addition to the kitchen space, especially with the prominent farmhouse apron front. 

Stainless steel metal


Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Brushed Hammered  

- The Legacy sink features a built in ledge perfect for utilizing the interchangeable accessories such as the drying rack and sponge caddy featured here. 

- The very beautiful and modern looking brushed hammered stainless steel finish exemplifies a unique level of detail and character, while maintaining a very modern look..

Top mount Heritage copper sink with a rear deck for faucets.

Heritage Topmount Sink | Smooth Copper

- Shown here as a topmount style sink, the Heritage model features a straight basin and our signature smooth copper finish.

- This custom design features a self-rimming flange for drop in installation on the granite countertops, and a rear deck for the faucets.Stainless steel metal

heritage stainless steel sink

Heritage Sink | Brushed Stainless

- This powerful display of simplicity and modern luxury is exemplified perfectly in this customer's kitchen, shown here on our signature Heritage sink with a brushed stainless steel finish.

- Undermount integration into the rich and vibrant stone countertops creates a very unique looking focal point for this kitchen. 

Legacy Double-Bowl FH Sink | Smooth Copper

- This custom sink features an 80-20 bowl split and the signature built-in ledge Havens is known for across the World.

- The Legacy sink beholds a built-in ledge which allows for accessories, further advancing the user capabilities of what can be done in the sink.Stainless steel metalKitchen with stainless steel topmount sink. Custom depth and farmhouse apron front.

Heritage Topmount Sink | Brushed Stainless

- This beautifully crafted custom sink was built for a customer who enjoys a spacious and deep basin, as well as a prominent apron front.

- Shown here in our brushed stainless steel finish, this 12" deep Heritage sink effortlessly compliments the stainless steel backsplash in this kitchen.

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Smooth Copper

- Advanced utility featuring the drying rack and sponge caddy on the Legacy sink's built in ledge.

- We designed the legacy sink to cut down on time spent food prepping, and eliminate the mess from your countertops.Stainless steel metal

Farm sink in kitchen by Havens. Stainless farmhouse Legacy sink.

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Prestige Stainless

- The Legacy sink masterfully compliments the dark backsplash and countertops with our signature stainless steel Prestige finish.

- Shown here with the removable dish drying rack, the Legacy sink allows for multiple interchangeable sink accessories.Stainless steel metal
Top mount copper bar sink, handcrafted from 14 gauge pure copper.

Centra Sink | Smooth Copper | Topmount

- The Centra copper sink is installed here as a topmount for the bar and prep area of this client's kitchen.

- It's a beautiful addition, especially complimenting the Legacy kitchen sink also in this kitchen.

Custom triple bowl stainless steel undermount sink by Havens, shown here with the beautiful farmhouse apron front.

Triple-Bowl Sink | Prestige Stainless

- Designed with 10 inch basins on either side, the custom triple-bowl sink is a beautiful addition to this kitchen.

- The focal point of the kitchen is complete with a beautiful stainless steel apron front, boasting the luxurious Prestige finish the Havens Metal brand is known globally for.

Stainless undermount farm sink installed in kitchen by Havens.

Heritage Farmhouse Sink | Brushed Hammered

- A beautiful centerpiece of this homeowner's kitchen, the Heritage sink is complete with our signature brushed hammered stainless steel finish.

- Perfectly accenting the dark quartz countertops, this custom sink features a centered drain. By far one of our favorite undermount sink images, courtesy of a Havens customer. Stainless steel metal
Legacy copper undermount sink in a Havens customer's kitchen.

Legacy Sink | Smooth Copper

- The highly versatile Legacy sink is shown here in our 14 gauge Copper smooth copper option, with a beautiful farmhouse apron front.

- This customer is utilizing our grid drain and sponge caddy to maximize functionality and easily improve the task of dishwashing.

Stainless steel metal

Legacy Stainless Farmhouse Sink | Luxe Hammered

- The Legacy sink is shown here with our signature Luxe Hammered stainless steel finish, over the entire sink and including the farmhouse apron front.

- A statement of true rustic character and luxurious modern appeal, the Legacy sink features a built-in ledge for advanced in sink accessories. 

Brass Kitchen Range Hood 

- This beautiful kitchen fixture was custom fabricated to the exact dimensions provided by the local client in the Orlando area.

- The finish shown on this range hood is a brilliant reflection of an oil-rubbed brass, slightly gold in appearance. A complete package, this hood includes a high powered ventilation system to keep the kitchen clean and breathable. 

Copper vessel bathroom sink in a Havens client's bath area. Beautiful rustic luxury for the home lavatory.

Cavo Vessel Sink | Smooth Copper

- The Cavo sink is a beautiful addition to the rustic vintage vanity it's installed on.

- This version of our Cavo sink installs as a topmount vessel style and is a luxurious addition to any bathroom area. Copper vessel Circa bath sink in a customer's luxurious home bathroom.

Circa Vessel Sink | Smooth Copper

- The Circa copper sink was added to our bath Collection for customers who prefer a sizable wash basin.

- It's beautifully sloped bowl is accented with the rustic characteristics of the natural copper patina.
Custom copper commercial kitchen range hood for an Orlando restaurant.

Commercial Range Hood | Hammered Copper

- This magnificent custom copper hood was installed in our client's commercial restaurant kitchen.

- Alluring to any visitor who enters the space, the cladding and hand-hammered copper features accent the rich and tasteful atmosphere effortlessly.

Kitchen with double bowl copper sink, built by Havens Metal in the USA form 14 ga. copper.  

Double-Bowl Farm Sink | Smooth Copper

- Aimed at efficiency and functionality, this custom copper sink features a double-bowl with a sliding grid drain feature for drying dishes.

- Designed to the exact specifications of our client, this sink was built as a under-mount, and installed in a weekend beach condo.

- The left basin of the sink features a wide area for soaking dishes/large pots and pans, while the right side serves as a small basin for disposal.

Stainless undermount Legacy sink installed in kitchen by Havens.


Legacy Sink | Brushed Stainless

- Modern luxury is displayed excellently through this Legacy undermount sink in our brushed stainless steel finish.

- Shown here with the removable drying rack on the built-in ledge, the advantage of drying dishes is made simple for this customer. Stainless steel metal


Legacy Sink | Smooth Copper

- A beautiful shot of our Legacy copper sink installed as an undermount sink.

- Shown here without it's accessories in place, the bowl allows for maximum usability while the built in ledge offers versatility.

Copper range hood installed in a commercial kitchen with a need for powerful ventilation.


Commercial Range Hood | Smooth Copper

- Installed in a commercial restaurant kitchen of a local Central Florida client, we built this piece with a smooth copper finish and accentual iron cladding down the bow of the apron and across the front. 

Stainless utility sink installed and fabricated by Havens Metal in the USA.


Legacy Utility Sink | Prestige Stainless

- Perfect for adding usability and versatility to a laundry room area, this homeowner took advantage of our interior ledge for a great spot to hold cleaners, sponges, and other items.

- Shown here with our Prestige stainless finish, this sink displays a spacious 10 inch basin.
Stainless steel metal

Copper hood image of a beautiful hand-hammered finish with customized liner options.


Kitchen Range Hood | Hammered Copper

- This Copper Range Hood is installed in the luxurious home kitchen of a local customer.
- Showcasing our ability to apply a hand-hammered finish to your copper fixture, this hood was crafted beautifully with an estimated 30,000 strikes of the hammer.

Farmhouse stainless steel sink installed in a kitchen, courtesy of Havens.


Legacy Double-Bowl Sink | Brushed Stainless

- A custom design, this Stainless Steel sink features two basins, an interior ledge, and a beautiful brushed stainless finish.
- With each of the basins differentiating in size, one big and one small, this sink is tailor made to the specific needs of it's owner.  Stainless steel metal

Stainless steel range hoods images and gallery by Havens.


Kitchen Range Hood | Brushed Stainless

- Displaying our luxurious brushed stainless steel finish, this custom hood is a statement piece for the kitchen space.

- As a compliment to the lightly toned countertops, the simplistic aesthetics of this kitchen are brought to the surface with this handcrafted hood. Stainless steel metal

Orlando architectural sheet metal by Havens Metal Works.


Copper Architectural Arches

- Next time you're in the downtown Orlando area, be sure the check out these beautiful custom copper arches we built.
- Just a block down from the Suntrust building, the copper arches are a statement piece for the City Beautiful: Orlando.
Stainless steel metal

Polished copper range hood installed in kitchen.


Copper Range Hood

- Subtle enough to match the cabinetry, yet vocal enough to draw the eye, this copper range hood is a project completed for a residential kitchen.


- Featuring custom dimensions, fabrication, welding and finishing, this hood is an example of our ability to create a masterpiece that will look exceptional for decades to come.

Beautiful and prominent copper kitchen hood installed with dark cabinetry.


Copper Range Hood | Smooth Polished Copper

- A surely impressive focal point of the kitchen, this custom piece features our brushed copper finish.


- Designed to compliment rustic features of the homeowner's kitchen, the piece speaks for itself.

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Smooth Copper

- A beautiful copper sink, featuring the Havens signature built-in ledge.

- This homeowner is taking advantage of the solid copper drying rack and the sponge caddy.

modern range hood kitchen

Copper Range Hood | Polished Copper

- The team at Havens Metal created this custom copper range hood to evoke a modernistic style to a local Winter Park residential kitchen.
- The glossy, polished finish entices a talking point for every visitor that comes into the space. In addition to the hood, we also installed the stainless steel backsplash, as a compliment to the luxurious fixture.

Outdoor copper shower custom made from 14 gauge copper.


Copper Outdoor Shower

Featured in: SMACNA Architectural Metal Newsletter Volume 10, Issue 3 This was truly a project like no other at Vickers Metal Works. With over 70 man-hours from design to installation, our team worked hard to build this owners dream outdoor copper shower. The copper will retain this polished finish for up to 3 years until it becomes naturally weathered to an original patina.  Learn more about this custom residential project > SMACNA: Owners Dream to Reality


Legacy Copper Farmhouse Sink

- A beautiful installation of our signature Legacy Copper sink.

- This homeowner is taking advantage of the built in ledge with a 12" grid drain, perfect for drying dishes or other items. It's not the clearest on our gallery of undermount sink images, but the copper sink's quality speaks for itself. 

Hammered copper hood in a luxury home kitchen.

Copper Range Hood | Hammered Copper

- This Copper Range Hood is installed in the luxurious home kitchen of a local customer.

- Showcasing our ability to apply a hand-hammered finish to your copper fixture, this hood was crafted beautifully with an estimated 30,000 strikes of the hammer. Custom orlando sheet metal fabrication.

Custom Copper Roofing

- Designed as a statement piece for downtown Orlando, the custom copper roofing job on top of Church Street Exchange was custom made to entice an exceptional architectural elegance.

copper dock caps


Custom Copper Dock Caps

- Showcasing Havens Metal Works capability to create most any custom masterpiece our customers can vision, we present our copper dock caps.

- These are made to size, adding that finishing touch to any dock/deck area.

- The copper can either be maintained to keep its polished finish or left to naturally transform into an original weathered patina.

copper hood


Copper Range Hood

A range hood constructed for one of our customers with the desire to turn the focal point of their kitchen to the beautiful copper. With a basic idea for your dream kitchen, our experienced professionals will help you design the perfect masterpiece that you will be proud of for decades to come.

copper range hood

Copper Range Hood

- Take a look at this Copper Hood we built for a customer with the vision to bring eye-catching customization to their kitchen.

- Range hoods are one of our specialities, and they can be designed to the size of your choosing.

Stainless steel metal

Thanks for checking out our gallery of installed projects. If you would like to speak with a member of our team, please feel free to reach out at your convenience.