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Easy Cleaning & Care On Every Havens Sink, For Life...

Havens is an advanced metal fabricator of nearly 40 years, having built thousands of copper & stainless steel kitchen, bath, and bar sinks. 
Through innovation and high quality American craftsmanship, Havens has developed the easiest to clean sinks available, requiring little to no maintenance.

One of the most significant benefits of a Havens sink is it's ability to be completely cleaned with just a soapy sponge and running water.
Yes, that's correct (with a Havens sink) - no drying, no waxing, no need to avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives such as bleach or ammonia.

Havens Sinks Exhibit Durability, Longevity, and Extreme Levels of Resilience

A kitchen sink should realistically be able to withstand any amount of wear and tear, chemical cleaners, or abrasive foods.
Unfortunately, most sink manufacturers focus on quantity over quality, which is why they use low quality imported craftsmanship and recycled materials.

Havens crafts copper and stainless steel sinks exclusively from the highest quality materials available - American forged from non-recycled alloys.
In line with quality craftsmanship, the metal used is very important. Cheap imported metals compromise dependability and will eventually corrode, warp, and rust. 

What Is The Care & Maintenance Difference Between Copper And Stainless Steel?

Clean copper sinks

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining a Havens sink, the difference in the available metal finishes won't necessarily make a difference in cleaning and care. Among the 7 copper and stainless steel Havens metal finishes, each of them are equally simple to clean and care for - as Havens' high quality finishing process results in a ultra smooth surface. The gentle and slick surface of the metal allows food and liquids to easily flow towards the pitch of the drain, which is much more effective than chasing debris around with the faucet. A Havens sink is guaranteed to drain perfectly with every use, never pooling water or allowing foods to easily stick to the surface and harden over time - resulting in maintenance that is truly a breeze for the homeowner. Havens sinks have the option of right, left or centered drain placement.

How to Clean and Maintain a Havens Sink (Copper & Stainless Steel):

  1. Apply soap or any household detergent to a wet sponge or any dish washing applicator. 
  2. Scrub the inside of the sink's basin with the soapy sponge, applying a light pressure to wipe through any foods particles and debris.
  3. Rinse away the soap and residuals with running water from the faucet. Allow the sink to drain itself, and dry the side walls with a paper towel or dish rag.
  4. If preferred (not required) apply a natural copper or stainless conditioner to recondition the luster of the metal, giving it a sheen and somewhat reflective appearance. A bottle of conditioner is included with every Havens sink - keep in mind a little bit goes a long way. 

Havens products are exclusively handcrafted from the highest quality materials available, which is why care and cleaning is significantly less involved than other sinks.
Over 95% of sinks available are made outside of the USA, and imported to save on labor and material costs. This is untrue for Havens sinks, as we never compromise quality for quantity. Whether you plan on selecting a copper or stainless steel sink, it's important to consider the characteristics of each. Let's review the benefits below.

Copper Sinks: The Antimicrobial Solution To a Cleaner Kitchen

If you're shopping for a new copper sink, or already own one of these acclaimed may have noticed that thoroughly researching the product is essential. 

How to care for a copper sink

    If you've seen a Copper Sink online with these sort of disclaimers or requirements, it's likely that the sink is imported and made from recycled metal.
    Unfortunately, these type of sinks will not last. Research is key, beware of misleading manufacturers trying to make a quick buck.

    We've seen imported sinks wear out with less than a year of regular use. Often times, these sinks will arrive to the consumer warped or untrue to dimensions.
    While the price of an import might be appealing, the quality is vastly inferior to a USA product, made from non-recycled metal.  

      Following these easy steps insures a lasting finish on your copper sink, and allows for the natural aging process to take place.
      As a “living metal,” copper displays fascinating characteristics and exhibits a self-healing patina which accentuates a rich blend of browns and deep oranges over time.
      With a self-healing patina, Havens copper sinks naturally restore blemishes brought on by stains from harsh liquids, food marks, and abrasive cleaners.

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