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caring for copper kitchen sink

Copper Sinks: The Minimal Maintenance Solution for Your Kitchen

Whether you're in the market for a new copper sink, or already own one of these acclaimed beauties...
you've come to the right place for learning about the care and maintenance involved.

Before reviewing the simple steps involved with maintaining a Havens copper sink, it's important to point out the common misconceptions involved with this topic:

clean copper kitchen sink


    If you've seen a Copper Sink online with these sort of disclaimers or requirements, it's likely that the sink is imported and made from recycled metal.
    Unfortunately, these type of sinks will not last. Research is key, beware of misleading manufacturers trying to make a quick buck.

    We've seen imported sinks wear out with less than a year of regular use. Often times, these sinks will arrive to the consumer warped or untrue to dimensions.
    While the price of an import might be appealing, the quality is vastly inferior to a USA product, made from non-recycled metal.  


    How to Clean and Maintain a Copper Sink:

    copper sink care and maintenance


      Following these easy steps insures a lasting finish on your copper sink, and allows for the natural aging process to take place. As a “living metal,” copper displays fascinating characteristics and exhibits a self-healing patina which accentuates a rich blend of browns and deep oranges over time. With a self-healing patina, our copper sinks naturally restore blemishes brought on by stains from harsh liquids, food marks, and abrasive cleaners.