Topmount Copper & Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinkstopmount copper sink

Replacing an existing sink in your kitchen, bath or bar is made easy with the all in one solution of our copper and stainless steel topmount sinks.

This style of sink is great for homeowners who aren't satisfied with their current sink and prefer to avoid cutting and tearing up existing countertop cutout.

Often times we receive requests from homeowners with a cracked or damaged sink, seeking to upgrade to a beautiful Havens topmount sink built to last a lifetime.
top mount copper sinks
The beauty of our topmount sink options are the ability for these sinks to replace ANY existing cutout. Many homeowners with an irregularly shaped bowl prefer to stand by a traditional undermount, but in many situations a topmount sink can save money, increase functionality, and provide a unique visual aspect to the kitchen.

Over the years, we've replaced countless poorly made single and double bowl fireclay sinks with a beautiful copper or stainless steel drop in sink. Homeowners who have worked with us and made the switch have been very pleased with the end result of centralizing and upgrading their kitchen workstation.

Often times, we're asked a question along the lines of...

"If I give you a template of my existing sink, can you make a new one to match the exact cutout of my countertops?" 

The answer to this question is yes, but it comes at a price. Making a sink with rounded corners and/or an irregularly shaped bowl is significantly more labor intensive, thus resulting in a higher cost on the build. The best option in this situation is to have a topmount sink built to drop in overtop of your existing countertop cutout.  

top mount kitchen sink

Transitioning from round to square corners may be undesirable (at first). Leave your preconceived notions behind, here are 5 reasons to install a topmount sink:

  1. A Havens sink is very easy to maintain. Installing a drop in sink with square corners will not prove any extra maintenance for the homeowner. The misconception that rectangular sinks with square corners are difficult to maintain does not apply here. Our American made sinks can easily be cleaned with a soapy sponge.
  2. A rectangular topmount sink provides the option of integrating an interior ledge into the basin of your sink. This ledge allows for interchangeable sink accessories, increasing prep functionality and reducing clean up time. Centralizing your food prep turns the sink into a highly versatile and easy to clean workstation.drop in copper sink workstation
  3. Additional features such as a rear deck, built in drain board, or backsplash can all be seamlessly integrated to the design of your copper or stainless steel drop in kitchen sink. We've replaced hundreds of obsolete kitchen sinks with one of our beautiful topmounts, custom made to the needs and likes of your household.
  4. Often times, homeowners are given a set list of options to choose from in the kitchen design process. A drop in style sink puts you in control with different options and features, allowing a work around for other kitchen features that don't allow as much flexibility. An example here would be to retrofit over existing cabinetry.
  5. Installing a new kitchen sink doesn't mean you have to reinvent the wheel. Countertops, cabinetry, faucet location, and space can all be preserved with the simple solution of a topmount sink. Cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional, our drop in sinks are among the most prestigious designs on the market.

Topmount Drainboard Sinks: Copper & Stainless Steel

topmount drainboard sink
Drainboard sinks offer a convenient place to let dishes and pots dry, and can be customized with either a smooth or ribbed surface.

Drop in drainboard kitchen sinks are available in both copper and stainless steel, made in the USA from non-recycled American metals.

We offer complete customization over the sink's design, including apron front farmhouse options with custom artwork and unique copper finishes.


Every product we build is protected under our Lifetime Warranty, a testament to our industry leading standards for premium quality. 
If you have some questions or need some help with your design, our team of experienced professionals are here to help you succeed in creating your dream sink.
topmount stainless steel sink

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